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Count the Animals


Canvas Only

Includes only the canvas, no thread
Canvas 15 x 13 inches
Image 12 x 10 inches
Margin 1.5 inches
Made In U.S.A.
Colors Multiple
Mesh 13 Count
Material Zwiegart Mono Deluxe
100% Cotton
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Count to Ten

Children will delight in discovering all numbers from one to ten in this irresistable zoo of creatures from across the spectrum of species.

Find the Numbers

1 Eagle - 2 Sqirrels - 3 Rabbits - 4 Turtles - 5 Butterflies - 6 Ducks - 7 Doves - 8 Fish - 9 Geese - 10 Ants

About Our Painted Needlepoint Canvas

Pepita Needlepoint canvases are printed on high-quality Zweigart Mono Deluxe White canvas. The 100% cotton weave is easy on the eyes and gentle on the hands for your stitching enjoyment. Bright, vivid and fade-resistant ink allow you to easily match thread to the image on the canvas. Our proprietary printing process was developed by specialists in the fabric printing industry and we guarantee you will not find a better quality painted canvas. Pepita's line of needlepoint canvases and needlepoint kits are simply the best available on the market today. Learn more about Pepita Needlepoint.

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