Afikoman Square

Canvas only


Includes only the canvas, no thread

Complete kit


Includes 18 skeins DMC Pearl Cotton #3, plus a DMC Tapestry Needle #20

  • Image size: 9 x 9 inches
  • Canvas size: 12 x 12 inches
  • Margin: 1.5 inches
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
  • Mesh: 13 count
  • Material: Zweigart Mono Deluxe, 100% Cotton
  • Customization: Click here to customize

Afikoman Square

An afikoman bag that looks like an actual square matzoh. Neat and simple, this classy piece will enhance your Passover seder table for years to come. Some people eat square Matzoh that is machine made. Others eat round circle Matzoh which is made by hand. Guess which one is more expensive. We place a piece of matzoh in an afikoman bag at the Pesach seder. Why? The simple reason that we put the afikoman aside or hide it, is because we will eat this matzoh only near the very end of the Seder, and we don’t want it to get mixed up with the other matzohs at the table. In addition, when putting aside the afikoman matzoh, the custom is to wrap it in some sort of cloth or napkin as a remembrance of the way the Jews left Egypt with their soon-to-be matzohs, as described in the Torah. The people picked up their dough when it was not yet leavened, their leftovers bound in their garments on their shoulders. Some have the custom to hide the piece of matzoh that was set aside for the afikoman, and have the children find it and then return it only in lieu of a promised gift. This custom is based on a statement in the Talmud: We snatch matzohs on the night of Passover in order that the children should not fall asleep. In other words, the game of hiding the afikoman and the accompanying bargaining for a gift is an activity to engage the kids and make sure that they don’t fall asleep during what is invariably a long evening. Others do not have the custom for the children to take or steal the afikoman, for fear that the activity would give them a taste of stealing.

About Our Needlepoint Canvas

Pepita Needlepoint canvases are printed on high-quality Zweigart Mono Deluxe White canvas. The 100% cotton weave is easy on the eyes and gentle on the hands for your stitching enjoyment. Bright, vivid and fade-resistant ink allow you to easily match thread to the image on the canvas. Our proprietary printing process was developed by specialists in the fabric printing industry and we guarantee you will not find a better quality painted canvas. Pepita's line of needlepoint canvases and needlepoint kits are simply the best available on the market today. Learn more about Pepita Needlepoint.